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This updated Elmhurst Voices From Beyond Tour intro includes photos taken on site on a stormy night! Come see what our tour has to offer you!** Music by Medwyn Goodall **Come see all the sight...
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2014 Tour Season:
Starting August 10th
Voices From Beyond Historical, Ghost Tour of Elmhurst!
Elmhurst is a beautiful, historical, and haunted, western suburb of Chicago, Illinois.
Walk the streets of Elmhurst, Illinois as Ray Johnson, of Chicago's Haunt Detective, Kirsten Tillman & Beth Shields of Paranormal "STARS" take you on an unforgettable tour!
Kirsten - Paranormal Investigator, EVP Tech., and founder of Paranormal Ray Johnson - From Haunt Detective, author, former Criminal Investigator for the West Chicago Police Dept.
Beth - Paranormal Investigator, EVP specialist, founder of Paranormal
Tour Information:
We are excited to present to you a tour like no other! Extensive research has been done on the history of our locations! Not only do we have a plethora of history to provide you with, but we also have known paranormal stories that are associated with each location as well as EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) as evidence of paranormal activity!
This is a walking tour so please bring comfortable shoes to wear. The tour is expected to take between  90 to 120 minutes so please do dress for the weather!
At the end of each tour, you will be presented with a video filled with evidence of the paranormal phenomena that exists in Elmhurst! This evidence is in the form of EVPs that came from each location Beth & I investigated on this tour!
Please know that we do not claim that you will see an apparition on this tour...the "Holy Grail" of paranormal phenomena. Beth and I are EVP Specialists. The video that we present does not include a ghostly sighting...however we do encourage you to bring cameras because you never know, paranormal phenomena is not predictable, maybe you will in fact get lucky and capture something!
A face on my video at the end of our tour!
Here are some teasers!
1. The 1st Village President and his wife have a special spot in town...wait til you see what we found!
Someone looks like Sharon!
EVP only - "Wow she looks like sharon, yeah when I look at her from what I remember she looks like Sharon"
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2.  It is now just a simple. large, grassy area, however wait til you hear what used to be in this location and what we found!
3. This garden area is more than it seems...there are more than just beautiful flowers that reside here!
4. What could be lurking around  this cherished item  from  the Great Chicago Fire that occurred on October 8, 1871?
Could this be Seth Wadhams Answering?
EVP - "I had to"
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5. Let's find out together what walks the grounds of this well known, beautiful mansion previously owned by Seth Wadhams back in 1868.
6. This fabulous building used to be part of a lumber/paper mill. One could assume that many people died here as a result of industrial accidents...however there is one death in particular that people are intrigued about! Though he didn't die on this property, it is reported that he haunts this place!
7.  A lady in white is said to roam this area; she has been seen by many...come with us tonight to see if she manifests! 
8. The limestone walls are sure to encourage and enhance paranormal phenomena...wait until you hear what is lurking around this beautiful, historical building, built in 1892!
Ghost Girl - You'll find a disturbing, traumatic EVP here
This year our tour runs every other Saturday starting  July 19th.

In September and October, our tours are every Friday and Saturday night from 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Currently we are only taking cash and/or credit cards.
The tour is $20/person. Please call (877) 766- TOMB (8662) to reserve your spot and find out about the special group rates that we have available!
Walk up registration for the tours is acceptable at the start of each tour but reservations are recommended to ensure space is available! 
There is plenty of parking available; please do enjoy the wonderful restaurants Elmhurst has to offer prior to the tour for dinner and there will be plenty of time to enjoy more of Elmhurst's ambiance afterwards!
Yes Rules...we all have them but it will make the tour so much more fun and relaxing for everyone!
1. Please no video taping or recording - Look at it this's the same idea as a movie theater, or a music artist not wanting their material copied. Thank you in advance!
2. Please no drinking or smoking while on the tour....I (Kirsten), am allergic to tobacco and have difficulty breathing when around smoke.
3. It is perfectly alright if you are a are we! However please do not heckle, use abusive or inappropriate language, or otherwise make it difficult for us to conduct our tour.
4. Please arrive on time, we can only wait so long before we must begin the tour.
5. We don't mind questions on the tour, however if we need to redirect questions to the end, please understand that this is to ensure that we remain on time; it is our desire to provide you with the highest quality tour possible.
6. Please do not stray, it is best to stay on the path of the tour unless otherwise directed so that we may maintain respect for Elmhurst's businesses and neighbors.
7. Please use the washroom before coming on the tour since there will be no other opportunity while on the tour.
If in any way we  feel we are unable conduct our tour in an effective manner due to rule transgressions, I'm afraid we will need to have you leave and there will be no refunds.
Thank you for your cooperation and let's have some fun!
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