PARANORMAL "STARS"  - We provide service with respect, honesty and integrity!
Kirsten 3 - Founder of Paranormal Stars, Paranormal Investigator, EVP Specialist, TECH
My name is Kirsten, I am a Paranormal Investigator and founder of Paranormal "Stars" with my best friend of 25 years, Beth!  I am an EVP specialist and I am also our  tech.
My goal is to help further  credit paranormal research in an effort to validate the existence of paranormal phenomena.  It is as if Beth & I are a conduit of sorts...we have yet to fail to get an solid EVP when we think something is among us.
Mysterious woman in a mask
Beth - Founder of Paranormal STARS, Paranormal Investigator, EVP Specialist
My name is Beth, I am a Paranormal Investigator and also a founder of Paranormal  "Stars" with Kirsten.
Spirits are attracted to us, wherever  we go we obtain EVPs...I am often given the names of those who have passed on.
It is also my goal to present the  research we have obtained to the public and allow them to decide what does or does not exist.
Girl touching water - Moon
We approach our investigations with the utmost respect to anyone requesting assistance and to whatever paranormal or unexplained phenomena might exist. Not only is it our goal to help people feel comfortable in their environment, but we want to also help further the scientific research of the Paranormal field by collaborating with others to gain evidence to help prove the existence of paranormal phenomena.
Helping others is something Beth and I know a lot about.
I have a Masters Degree in Social Work and was working as a Clinical Social Worker, working in schools, hospitals, clinics, and with foster children before becoming a Paranormal Investigator. Beth has worked as a teacher, helping children and their families and has also worked as a Nanny, ensuring that parent's children were nurtured and cared for.
We look forward to working with and helping other teams of similar character! We want to share in the joy of knowledge in this field, it is not our desire to compete with others.
In Naperville we were known as "The Voices From Beyond Tour!" We were featured in an article in the October 2011, very popular Naperville Glancer Magazine and had the wonderful opportunity to work on Halloween withThe Chicago Paranormal Cops!
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We  had the wonderful pleasure of working twice with 95.9
The River's best D.J., ScottMackay! 
We are grateful for the experience and hope to work with him again!
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We have been blessed to work with these wonderful people and we are grateful for the opportunity.
Naperville, Illinois' history has been forever changed! Kevin Frantz and his assistant, Chuck Kennedy, were featured in the Daily Herald as founders of the truth regarding the "Charles Hilligas Story" This is  
a story of a man who actually dug up his wife's grave in an attempt to resurrect her with a potion he created!  We have amazing EVPs that were captured there, right at the gravesite as well as at the Hilligas house!
Woman touching the moon
We consider ourselves unique as we are perceptive and empathic; we get amazing EVPs! We go into our investigations with the utmost respect. We are not looking to connect with anything malevolent so therefor we do not provoke...however if a concern should arise on an investigation, we will gladly assist our clients in connecting with others who do specialize in that particular area.
Butterfly in the sky
Please feel free to contact us regarding any paranormal concerns you may have in your home, business, etc., or with any information on paranormal events that you might have coming up at!
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